But God: A Meditation on Ephesians 2:1-7

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A dull mist creeps along the walls of the cave. The wisps meld with the ghostly shadows cast from few remaining streams of light creeping through the crevices of the entranceway. ephesians Concealed within the cavern lurks the unmistakable stench of death emanating from the cold, unmoving object sprawled in the floor. Coated with perfumes rendered ineffective by four days … Read More

The glory of the resurrected Christ: A meditation on Revelation 1

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A harsh gale blasted the rocky ledges of the beleaguered volcanic island. With thunderous breakers and salty gusts, a black Mediterranean maelstrom laid a stormy siege against lonely Patmos. The pervasive darkness ceded its dominion only to the ever-increasing flashes of erupting lightning. This ominous and violent array of illumination assaulted the senses with a mixture of light, chaos and fury. Somewhere … Read More

The Incarnational Example

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I was experiencing topographical whiplash. Twenty-four hours earlier I had watched black and yellow Triggerfish dance along a colorful reef on the Island of Maui. Now, I watched the tumbleweeds dodge sand-stained mesquite trees on the desert plains of West Texas. The whiplash hurt. Our Hawaiian vacation had drawn to a close and the parched West Texas desert provided a … Read More