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DMIN | Academic Calendar

The Doctor of Ministry is a 35-credit hour program that will be delivered through a hybrid approach, involving independent and online study, three residency seminars, three event seminars, and development and implementation of a significant ministry project and subsequent dissertation. The following calendar will allow you to identify the course offerings for the current school year. If you have any questions about the academic calendar or about the programs use the contact in formation below.

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2017 Spring | May 22 – 27

Resident Seminars | Anderson University Campus

CHR610 | Historical/Theological/Practical Foundations for Biblical Preaching
CHR620 | Issues and Trends in Biblical Preaching
CHR630 | Creativity, Culture, and Biblical Preaching
CHR690 | Project Methodology Workshop
2017 Summer | August 8 – 10

Event Seminar | Cambridge, England

CHR672 | International Congress on Preaching
Saint Andrews Baptist Church, 43 St. Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3AR

For more information about the International Congress on Preaching visit
2017 Spring | October 23 – 27

Resident Seminars | Anderson University Campus

CHR671 | Broadus Lectures on Preaching

Online Seminars

CHR601 | Colloquium 1
CHR603 | Colloquium 3


CHR601-603 | Colloquium

The Sermon Colloquia will provide DMin students with a semester-long, guided lab for honing their skills in preaching. The online course will generate peer and instructor evaluation of the student’s sermons. The evaluations will analyze both content and delivery. This workshop will help students apply the concepts learned in residency and event seminars to the sermons that they preach in their ministry setting.

CHR671-673 | Event Seminars

CHR 671-CHR 673 will be three event seminars required for completion of the DMin degree. Each event seminar is worth three credit hours. CHR 671-CHR 673 will be linked to a major preaching-related event sponsored by the College of Christian Studies and Anderson University: the National Conference on Preaching (in May each year) or the annual John A. Broadus Lectures on Preaching. The student will participate in the event as well as seminar interaction either before or after the event. The interaction will be facilitated by an instructor. The interaction will concentrate on the theme of the event.

CHR610 | Historical, Theological, and Practical Foundations for Biblical Preaching in the 21st Century

Students will explore the historical and theological framework underlying expositional preaching. Students will be introduced to terminology, concepts, and leading thinkers in the field of expository preaching.

CHR620 | Issues and Trends in Biblical Preaching

Students will explore contemporary issues and trends that impact biblical preaching. The seminar will be held in another city (Atlanta, Dallas, Washington D.C., etc.) in order to expose students to contemporary preachers and enable students to gain insight from leaders in the field.

CHR630 | Creativity, Culture, and Biblical Preaching

This seminar will consider the influence and impact of culture on the preaching event and will direct students to consider how creative communication can play a role in leadership within the church.

CHR690 | Creativity, Culture, and Biblical Preaching

This workshop is aimed at preparing students for their Ministry Project. It is a two-day workshop that communicates to students the expectations for the Ministry Project. The workshop provides students with insight into the kind of research and writing that will be required in the Ministry Project.