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Clamp Divinity School
316 Boulevard, Anderson SC 29621
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DMIN | Academic Calendar

The Doctor of Ministry is a 35-credit hour program that will be delivered through a hybrid approach, involving independent and online study, three residency seminars, three event seminars, and development and implementation of a significant ministry project and subsequent dissertation. The following calendar will allow you to identify the course offerings for the current school year. If you have any questions about the academic calendar or about the programs use the contact in formation below.

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2019 Fall |  Aug 21 – Dec 4

Online Seminars

CHR603 | Colloquium III | DMIN-PRCH
CHR695 | Ministry Project | DMIN-PRCH
CHR696 | Ministry Project | DMIN-21C

Seated Seminars

CHR671 | Broadus Lectures on Preaching | DMIN-PRCH

Hybrid Seminars

CHR653 | Ministry in a Multiethnic Setting | DMIN-21C
CHR671 | Broadus Lectures on Preaching | DMIN-PRCH
CHR699 | Spiritual Formation in a Digital Age | DMIN-21C

2018 Spring

Courses | Anderson University Campus

CHR602 | Colloquium II | DMIN-PRC
CHR604 | Colloquium IV | DMIN-PRC
CHR650 | Ministry and Contemporary Church Models | DMIN-21C
***Course meets on campus April 9
CHR652 | Leadership in Contemporary Ministry Setting | DMIN-21C
***Course meets on campus April 9-13