Dr. Neal earned a BA in Political Science from Texas Tech University. He then pursued theological and ministerial training and is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDivBL), and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (MTh; PhD). He is married to Jennifer, and they have four children.

Dr. Neal’s teaching and research focuses on the relationship between biblical interpretation and theology. His Ph.D. research focused on systematic theology, specifically questions raised in contemporary German theology. He is the author of Theology As Hope: On the Ground and the Implications of Jurgen Moltmann’s Doctrine of Hope, and has published a variety of essays, articles, and chapters on theological topics. Dr. Neal has presented papers in several academic venues in England, Scotland, New Zealand, and the United States. Most recently he presented a paper on eschatology at the University of Notre Dame.

Personal narrative:

I love teaching college students because it is a rich, formative time. College students are highly inquisitive, curious, and most enjoy the questions set before them. Primarily, I teach courses that focus on life’s perennial questions, whether related to interpretation, theology, or ethics. I have the luxury and privilege of participating with students as they grapple with the questions, contemplate the potential answers, and help them wade through the implications.

For local congregations, I have led a variety of Bible Studies and I enjoy preaching. Dr. Neal and his family are members of Capstone Community Church.

Ryan Neal

Dr. Ryan Neal

Associate Professor of Christian Studies



Anderson University
Watkins 107


316 Boulevard,
Box 1099,
Anderson SC 29621

Courses Taught:

CHR205 – Hermeneutics

CHR240 – Systematic Theology

CHR305 – Christian Worldview and Contemporary Application

CHR331 – Christian Thought

CHR341 – Christian Ethics

CHR445 – Topics in Christian Theology

CHR491 – Senior Seminar in Christian Studies