Why You Should Attend Conferences

Kris BarnettKristopher Barnett, Leadership

NCP Conferences

The flyer comes across your desk or the email hits your inbox.  Captivating images and flashy fonts capture your attention.  The subtle message imbedded in the creative presentation says, “Come to our conference!”  You delete many of these ads a week, perhaps a day, but this one stands out.  Maybe the subject matter tweaks your interest or perhaps you follow … Read More

Theology is Tricky

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Theology

Theology Scripture

Theology is tricky. Among the many reasons for this, I’ll mention two. First, while theology can be studied in systematic fashion, theology isn’t a system and its primary source, the Bible, wasn’t written along a systematic, topical trajectory. Second, while doing theology requires human reason, it’s difficult to discern where biblical evidence ends and human conjecture begins—although theological maturity requires … Read More

What’s in a Name?

Michael DuduitChurch, Michael Duduit

Name Badge Church

What’s in a name? Apparently, quite a lot. In an article by John Leo, he noted the current propensity for euphemisms: finding preferred terminology for traditional words and descriptions. For example, opponents of the inheritance tax have really picked up political steam since they started calling it a “death tax.” Imagine how many more G.I. Joes are sold with the … Read More

Cultural Diversity and the Gospel

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(Originally appeared in the October edition of the Baptist Courier as “Kingdom Focus: From All Tribes and Peoples and Languages.“) Growing up, I had the privilege of living in West Berlin, Germany during the Cold War (1981-1986). While in Berlin, my family attended Berlin Baptist Church, an international church whose members came from England, Lebanon, Vietnam, Indonesia, Eastern Kentucky, Georgia, Germany, … Read More

Scripture and Tattoos

Bryan CribbBryan Cribb, Culture, Theology

Tattoos Leviticus

As an older Old Testament professor, occasionally I’ll receive random emails asking for the translation of certain English phrases into Hebrew. When I do, I can typically predict reason for the request: Tattoos are becoming increasingly common among the younger generation of believers. Some well-intentioned Christians have attempted to buck the trend by mustering biblical texts that seemingly prohibit the … Read More

It’s On The Record – Guinness World Record

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Record, World, Guinness, Preaching, Zach, Zehnder, The Cross

It hasn’t been long since a 31-year-old pastor in Mount Dora, Florida, set the record for the longest sermon ever preached. Pastor Zach Zehnder of Cross Church began his quest on a Friday and by Sunday had preached for 53 hours and 18 minutes. I have to assume he has no deacons at Cross Church, or they would have pulled … Read More

The 3 M’s of Leadership

Tim McKnightLeadership, Tim McKnight


The 3 M’s of Leadership originally appeared in the February edition of The Courier. Header images provided through creative commons by the U.S. Army. One of the most powerful memories I have of the Army involves standing in a chow line with other officers waiting for our enlisted soldiers to get their food.  The reason we stood in line rather … Read More

The Danger of Yes | Time Management

Kris BarnettKristopher Barnett, Leadership

Time Management - Danger of Yes

Everyone has 24 hours in the day and in spite of continued technological advancements we cannot manufacture any more minutes.  This makes time arguably the most valuable commodity.  While all professions struggle with time management, ministers seem particularly susceptible to the temptation of busyness. Christianity Today recently re-posted a great article from Eugene Peterson, The Unbusy Pastor. Peterson provides the … Read More

Scripture & Civic Responsibility

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Uncategorized

In a recent online interview, Bruce Ashford raises an important point concerning the way Christians discuss politics—we tend to run directly to particular issues. What should a Christian think about abortion? Same-sex marriage? Race relations? Immigration? Economic disparities? National security? These are important questions but, before rushing to answer them, we should consider larger questions. What is a Christian’s responsibility … Read More