The flaws in “Don’t judge” theology

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A few weeks ago, my colleague Dr. Channing Crisler posted some very helpful comments concerning the (in)appropriateness of judging and judgments. Coming from a different angle I’d like to diagnose a different problem endemic to the spirit of our age. The precise wording differs on context but I’d say the phrase “We shouldn’t judge” or “Don’t you judge me” or … Read More

Marriage Licenses, sold by Verizon (w/ a 2-year commitment)

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Cultural views on marriage are changing rapidly. The previous slow march of allowing same-sex couples to marry has sped up recently. A decade ago the question seemed to be: should homosexual couples be allowed to marry? After the initial and resounding “no” by multiple state referenda, by all accounts the cultural, electoral, and judicial answer seems to be moving in … Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Missional?

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The term “missional” shows up in lots of conversations among church leaders these days. Clearly we are trying to gain a renewed focus on what we are to be and do as the church in the 21st century. In fact, our 2012 National Conference on Preaching will use the theme “Preaching on Mission” as we explore the relationship of preachingto … Read More

Dealing with Demands

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(This week’s blog postings are adapted from the theme address, “Preaching Under Pressure,” presented at the EK Bailey International Conference on Expository Preaching in July.) demands   Declining numbers are only one factor in the church’s struggle. The church is also struggling because the people are demanding. We live in a consumer-driven culture, where we want what we want when … Read More