Preaching So They Can Understand

Michael DuduitMichael Duduit, Preaching

As preachers, our task is not only proclamation but translation – we are called to express the truth of God’s Word in language and forms that common people can understand. That may take a little longer to prepare, but it’s worth the effort.

Better Left Unsaid

Kris BarnettKristopher Barnett, Preaching

Church Visitors and Microphone

Certain words and phrases can dilute our sermons and hinder our messages. We should actively seek to eliminate these distracting expressions from our sermons.

Why Do We Preach?

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Why did God consider preaching to be something of such urgency that He places a divine calling upon selected messengers to proclaim His Word? What is the purpose of this task we call preaching? Why do we preach? If you were to look at the average sermon, you might easily assume that the purpose of preaching is to teach people … Read More