Youth Ministry Luncheon
Youth Ministry Luncheon
Youth Ministry Luncheon

Youth Ministry Appreciation Luncheon

We want to celebrate all of the work that youth ministers do throughout the year to disciple teenagers. If you are currently serving in a youth ministry position, take a moment and sign up for our annual youth ministry appreciation luncheon. No long sells pitches. We just want to fellowship with you guys and discuss ways in which we can better serve you in the ministry.

Mark Your Calendar

Earle Street Kitchen
134 W Earle St
Anderson, SC 29625

April 20th

11:30a – 1:30p


While we would love to give everyone a free lunch, we simply can’t do it. You have to be currently employed or serve as the primary youth minister of a church. You can also bring college age youth interns. All others will need to pay for their own lunch.

Here’s What You Need To Do

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    Step 1 - Let Us Know You Are Coming!

    Click the registration button in order to save your spot.

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    Step 2 - Let Us Know What You Want to Eat

    We found the best restaurant in Anderson. When you register, you get to choose from four incredible dishes. Don’t stress! There are no bad choices. Our treat!

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    Step 3 - Set Up a Reminder

    Put that smart phone to use. You don’t want to forget and miss out.


If you need more information, you can call our office at 864.328.1809 or email

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