Southern Baptist Convention

Anderson University is a Southern Baptist University affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. In addition to these core values, the College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School also holds to the articles of faith found in the Baptist Faith and Message.
Southern Baptist ConventionSouth Carolina Baptist Convention

Core Values

The College of Christian Studies at Anderson University is a theologically conservative, evangelical community of faith and learning, which is rooted in and committed to seven core values. We seek to be:
  • Bible

    Solidly Biblical

    We are committed to biblical fidelity and authority as a standard for life and ministry. We believe in the full truthfulness and inspiration of holy Scripture, which is the foundation for all we teach.

  • Cross


    We teach Christ as the only path of salvation, the ultimate goal of sanctification, and the central figure in the Bible and human history. As such, we maintain Christ to be the core of who we are as a college, determining our identity and establishing our character, and we seek to produce students who will glorify Him in and through their lives and ministries.

  • Graduation Cap


    We strive for excellence in our teaching ministry and scholarship. Pursuing excellence compels us to refuse to settle for mediocrity, to improve the status quo, and to seek constant improvement in our endeavors.

  • Student


    We exist to help students find themselves in a space in which obedience to His truth is revealed, studied, and practiced. We are committed to create a classroom environment in which the faith of students can be awakened, developed, and encouraged, and to teach and mentor in the spirit of Christ.

  • Compass

    Intensely Practical

    We constantly seek to couple academic rigor and practical application. We consistently challenge students to turn knowledge into wisdom by considering the real-world implications of all they learn.

  • Church


    We believe that an investment in the student is also an investment in the church. Our faculty will provide to students the biblical understanding and practical skills they need for effective service in the local church.

  • Globe


    We are driven by the ever-expanding nature of Christ’s kingdom, the global reach of the gospel, and the demands of the Great Commission to be intentionally engaged in missions. We teach with a missionary thrust, seeking to equip students for missionary endeavors and supplying opportunities for missionary experience.