If God is So Good, Why Does He Allow Evil?

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Theology

The question haunts human minds: “If God is so good, why does He allow evil?” In view of the extreme injustice that occurs in the world, many view this difficulty as the most substantial challenge to Christianity, and some take it as evidence that God does not exist. If God is all-good, then certainly He desires to eliminate evil; and if … Read More

Minimize What Matters Least to Maximize What Matters Most

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Church, Leadership

For the past few weeks, I have been preaching at Good Hope Baptist Church in Iva, SC, as they begin searching for a new pastor. Truly, it is a unique church: rural, agrarian, historic—and contemporary. Unlike any congregation I’ve ever been part of, this one meets in a metal, multi-purpose building, worships with a praise band (a really good one, … Read More

What I Have Learned Since I Stopped Being a Pastor

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Church, General, Leadership

I enjoyed being a pastor. I counted it a privilege of the highest honor to shepherd the flock of God. I loved the congregation with blood, sweat, and tears. I felt–and treasured–the eternal weight of the pastoral task. Each morning I awoke to an inaudible but ever clear trumpet call as I reengaged the battle for souls. Nothing matches the … Read More

What Has Music to Do with Worship?

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Church, Worship

The practice is ingrained so deeply in the Christian that perhaps we never question it, but we should: why do we sing at church? What does music have to do with worship? In his book, The Air I Breathe, Louie Giglio writes, “I think that all music—not just Christian music but all music—is worship music, because every song is amplifying … Read More

Pastoral Perceptivity: An Essential Tool for Ministry

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Ministry Tools

I tried to join my friend’s sense of accomplishment as he told me the story over the phone. From his very first day as pastor of a high profile church in rural community, he had set his sights on a new ministry model—something that he believed would put the church on the cutting edge—something that would eliminate miles of red … Read More