What Happened to the Moravians

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How is the Spirit of God going to lead you to truly disciple the new followers of Jesus in your care — to teach them biblical doctrine so that each succeeding generation knows what they believe and why they believe it? Then hopefully the missionary and church planting zeal can continue to prosper with the third and fourth generations to come.

Should I Get Re-Baptized?

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What if you were baptized after an initial conversion experience but now suspect that your actual “regeneration” occurred later? Should you get re-baptized?

Culture Keepers

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As churches grow, and in our day expand to multiple sites, the dynamics of “culture keeping” are becoming more critical than ever.

The 2012 Southern Baptist Convention – Dr. Albert Mohler

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At his “Conventional Thinking” blog, R. Albert Mohler Jr. offers eight points of reflection regarding the 2012 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting that took place this week in New Orleans. In the article, “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight – The 2012 Southern Baptist Convention,” Mohler comments on the importance of leadership, doctrine and the SBC’s name and mission, as well as the election of Fred Luter as the convention’s first African-American president.

Ode to Youth Pastors

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Originally posted on  http://www.markbatterson.com/, Thursday, November 17th 2011. Mark serves as lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C. and is also member of the strategic faculty at Anderson University in South Carolina. Here’s my ode to youth pastors! And this isn’t really a tribute from a pastor. It’s a tribute from a dad.  I didn’t fully appreciate the role you play in … Read More

Does Joel Osteen Not Know, or Does He Not Care?

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Originally posted by Dr. Al Mohler on AlbertMohler.com. Here we go again. Joel Osteen is in the news once again, this time for saying that Mormonism is just another form of Christianity. Osteen, pastor of “America’s largest church,” as the media repeat over and over, was speaking to The Washington Times in an interview that covered a variety of issues. It … Read More

Reflections on Confessionalism, Boundaries, and Discipline by Carson and Keller

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Recent discussion, mostly in blogs, regarding the forthcoming Elephant Room conference, sponsored by James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll, provides an opportunity to write a few clarifying paragraphs on confessionalism, boundaries, and discipline. Whatever else The Gospel Coalition has or has not done, it has not prohibited mutual criticism among Council members. We disagree not only on some historic dogmatic matters (e.g., … Read More