Reading and Leading

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Ryan NealDr. Neal earned a BA in Political Science from Texas Tech University. He then pursued theological and ministerial training and is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDivBL), and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (MTh; PhD). He is married to Jennifer, and they have four children. Dr. Neal’s teaching and research focuses on the relationship between biblical interpretation … Read More

On Prayer

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I still remember the question I posed to my parents when I was younger: “If God already knows what is going to happen, then why do we pray?” It was just before my father was going to pray for our family. He was asking for prayer requests, and essentially my reply was “why are we doing this anyway?” Indeed, as … Read More

Plan Ahead

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Before a worship service, plan ahead and fill your mind with reflections on God, so that when the service begins you are more inclined to pay attention.

Reading Less, Binge-Watch More

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Some bemoan the lack of in-depth reading and engagement in longer, nuanced, sustained narratives. We don’t read anymore (or most of us anyway). Our attention spans are too short. We want the shortcut. The 140 character tweet rather than the well-composed essay. The short blog or article rather than the real deal. We read for fewer minutes and what we … Read More

Read This Book, See This Movie

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In different ways his life has impressed upon me the role of loving one’s neighbor and one’s enemy, made me re-think issues related to torture, and given me a renewed respect for the generation that lived through WWII.

On Stereotypes

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We have the responsibility of looking beyond our stereotypes, editing them for accuracy, and even dismissing them altogether. Overall, stereotypes are problematic for sound thinking, and a wider perspective on the person in front of you.

Long Live the King

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“The king is dead. Long live the king.” -The pronouncement made at the death of a monarch. When a monarch dies the people rightfully proclaim: “The king is dead. Long live the king.” The two statements go together by commemorating the death of the king while also acknowledging the importance, and the beginning, of the new monarch. Together the two … Read More