Christmas Changes Everything

Michael DuduitCulture, Devotions, Michael Duduit

It’s that time of year again, when we put trees inside our houses, make strange egg-flavored drinks we’d never consume any other time of the year, and spend hours we don’t have buying gifts we can’t afford for people who will exchange them for something they really wanted. Welcome to Christmas! Christmas has certainly become the major holiday event of … Read More

Is Halloween a Christian Holiday?

Michael DuduitCulture, Michael Duduit

Michael DuduitMichael Duduit is founding Dean of the College of Christian Studies and the Clamp Divinity School at Anderson University. He also serves as Professor of Christian Ministry. He is the founder and still serves as Executive Editor of Preaching magazine, one of the nation’s premier publications for pastors. His email newsletter, Preaching Now, is read each week by more … Read More

The Manliness of the Minivan

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Culture

Modern Manliness I’m writing in defense of the minivan. This seems self-serving since I own one (our second, actually), and seems disingenuous because I participate in the jesterly “no-swag wagon” banter that accompanies ownership. But hear me out. According to popular perception, a minivan says all the wrong things—the surrender of individual style, a capitulation to necessity, the loss of … Read More

Pain is the Point

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The Confederate Flag - Pain is the Point

South Carolina & the Confederate Flag I’m a South Carolina transplant, having left my beloved old Kentucky home five years ago to move from one blessed place to another. Truly, we love living in South Carolina, where our days are filled with friendly folks and family adventures (swim at a beach and hike a mountain on the same day!). The … Read More

Reading Less, Binge-Watch More

Ryan NealCulture, Leadership, Ryan Neal


Some bemoan the lack of in-depth reading and engagement in longer, nuanced, sustained narratives. We don’t read anymore (or most of us anyway). Our attention spans are too short. We want the shortcut. The 140 character tweet rather than the well-composed essay. The short blog or article rather than the real deal. We read for fewer minutes and what we … Read More

Read This Book, See This Movie

Ryan NealCulture, Ryan Neal

In different ways his life has impressed upon me the role of loving one’s neighbor and one’s enemy, made me re-think issues related to torture, and given me a renewed respect for the generation that lived through WWII.

The Rights of Conscience Inalienable

Tim McKnightCulture, Tim McKnight

We would do well as Christians and Americans to review the history behind the First Amendment and the great price that Baptist pastors in Virginia and other states paid to promote religious liberty in our nation. Are you prepared as Christians and pastors to champion those rights today?