Red Sea Rules

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Hard times and impatient times are covered in The Red Sea Rules written by Robert J. Morgan which covers the Hebrew journey from Egypt recorded in Exodus.

The greatest scandal of all: Jesus and the cross

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We love a good scandal, don’t we? It’s not just limited to “scandal sheets” like the National Enquirer or shows like TMZ; even the mainstream media outlets enjoy it when a good, juicy scandal appears, because it will drive sales and boost viewership. When a scandal erupts – a Hollywood star or popular politician gets caught cheating on his or … Read More

Be thankful for those who serve – and be one who serves

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Christmas 1933 was a challenging financial time in the midst of the Great Depression, and it was no different in the city of Canton, Ohio. So it grabbed the attention of many when the local newspaper ran a story reporting that a Mr. B. Virdot was promising to help 75 of the community’s neediest families if they would write a … Read More