The Sun of Righteousness

Bryan CribbBryan Cribb, Exegesis

Based on what I hear, the trendiest stories that trend on Twitter these days are ones with “lists.” Top ten of this… Five ways of that… So as not to be accused of not being hip to modern modes of messaging, I’m offering my own list. As an Old Testament professor, sometimes I feel as if I have a neon … Read More

God Always Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

Channing CrislerChanning Crisler, Exegesis, General

Perhaps the single most disgusting cliché in Christianity today is “God never gives you more than you can handle.”  I have heard it on the lips of well-meaning pastors and weeping widows.  I am sure that, somewhere along the way, I even used it at time or two (God forgive me).  The origin of this pernicious lie is undoubtedly the … Read More