Welcome to the 99%

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Church, General, Leadership

Models and mentors play important roles, but when these relationships mingle with our fleshly aspirations, we plummet into despair. Career comparison is a formula for depression.

If Your Illustration Causes You to Stumble, Sharpen It!

Kris BarnettGeneral, Kristopher Barnett, Sermon Illustrations

In the fall, some of my colleagues proposed a point-counterpoint theological debate for our blog posts at MinistryU.  Since several of my colleagues mined the depths of biblical and historical theology studies during their doctoral work while I simply spaded the surface exploring the practical theology of homiletics, I did not express any interest in getting involved.  Think about it, … Read More

The Mystery of the Manger is the Incarnation

Michael DuduitGeneral, Michael Duduit

Soren Kierkegaard, the great Danish philosopher, told the story of a prince who wanted to find a young woman suitable to be his queen. One day while visiting in the local village, he glanced out the windows of the carriage and his eyes fell upon a beautiful peasant maiden. During the ensuing days he intentionally arranged to pass by the … Read More

Following the example of Mary at Christmas

Bryan CribbBryan Cribb, General

An apocryphal anecdote has been circulated for some time at my alma mater, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, regarding one of my former professors. The story goes that an erstwhile student of this professor once questioned him as to whether he ever gave pop quizzes. With a smile, this peculiar professor responded that he would give a pop quiz the … Read More