Why Study ABOUT the Bible?

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Bible on Ledge

Every semester the first class for many of our freshmen at Anderson University is an 8:00AM class and is the course “Introduction to the Bible”. As I start every class with a question, their first encounter with higher education is the question, “Why study about the Christian Bible?” The student’s answers are often predictable. We study the Bible to learn … Read More

Work as Ministry

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How to blend spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, meditation, fasting, etc.) into a hectic pace of everyday life in the marketplace.

Red Sea Rules

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Hard times and impatient times are covered in The Red Sea Rules written by Robert J. Morgan which covers the Hebrew journey from Egypt recorded in Exodus.

Pastor, can I help?

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I love my pastor. Actually, I love pastors. I have had six of them in my life. Two of them have gone on to heaven. The other four are still serving our Lord. At one time, I thought I was to be one, a pastor, as well. Very early in my vocational ministry God revealed to me via trials, successes, … Read More

Pastor’s Toolbox: The Ascent of a Leader

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Nearing completion of a course on the integration of the Christian faith in the workplace, I went to the AU book store to see how many of the required books were left. To my surprise, all of the extra copies of the book required on leadership had been bought out by the students in the course. This was a not too subtle … Read More