Why Study Theology at the University

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heological education has changed. When I started my first semester of seminary nearly twenty years ago, it remained a brick-and-mortar, residential experience. At the time, I served a church located 95 miles from the campus, which introduced all sorts of complexity and inconvenience. Yet, it was simply understood that suffering inconvenience was part of the effort to be equipped. Then … Read More

Theology is Tricky

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Theology

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Theology is tricky. Among the many reasons for this, I’ll mention two. First, while theology can be studied in systematic fashion, theology isn’t a system and its primary source, the Bible, wasn’t written along a systematic, topical trajectory. Second, while doing theology requires human reason, it’s difficult to discern where biblical evidence ends and human conjecture begins—although theological maturity requires … Read More

Scripture and Tattoos

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Tattoos Leviticus

As an older Old Testament professor, occasionally I’ll receive random emails asking for the translation of certain English phrases into Hebrew. When I do, I can typically predict reason for the request: Tattoos are becoming increasingly common among the younger generation of believers. Some well-intentioned Christians have attempted to buck the trend by mustering biblical texts that seemingly prohibit the … Read More