“You’re your own worst critic.” Really?

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My colleague, Dr. Fuller, insightfully wrote about expectations for ministers a few weeks ago, and I’d like to ponder the issue of making sure others maintain our standards, from a different angle. And last fall I wrote a piece about how we’re often taught “Don’t judge” as a biblical truth without any reflection. I suppose this is the other side of … Read More

The flaws in “Don’t judge” theology

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A few weeks ago, my colleague Dr. Channing Crisler posted some very helpful comments concerning the (in)appropriateness of judging and judgments. Coming from a different angle I’d like to diagnose a different problem endemic to the spirit of our age. The precise wording differs on context but I’d say the phrase “We shouldn’t judge” or “Don’t you judge me” or … Read More

If God is So Good, Why Does He Allow Evil?

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The question haunts human minds: “If God is so good, why does He allow evil?” In view of the extreme injustice that occurs in the world, many view this difficulty as the most substantial challenge to Christianity, and some take it as evidence that God does not exist. If God is all-good, then certainly He desires to eliminate evil; and if … Read More

A Dead Ethic is Not Axiomatic

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[gravatar email=”ccrisler@andersonuniversity.edu” size=”100″ title=”Channing Crisler” alt=”Channing Crisler” class=”user-picture” align=”right”]An axiom is simply a self-understood truth, and something quite invaluable in communication.  Imagine a linguistic world where nothing could be taken for granted.  Books, text messages, tweets, and every other mode of speech would be weighed down by a constant necessity to explain what should be obvious, or “axiomatic.”  For example, … Read More