Meetings that Engage People

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Meetings Guy Standing Over Table

We’ve all worked for that person who used meetings as social gatherings, pulpits, and pep rallies rather than for more productive reasons. We leave thinking the leader could have summed up these hour-long life drains in a well-worded email. Maybe you have led some of those meetings, but what if there was a better way? John who wrote, “Though I have … Read More

Scripture & Civic Responsibility

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In a recent online interview, Bruce Ashford raises an important point concerning the way Christians discuss politics—we tend to run directly to particular issues. What should a Christian think about abortion? Same-sex marriage? Race relations? Immigration? Economic disparities? National security? These are important questions but, before rushing to answer them, we should consider larger questions. What is a Christian’s responsibility … Read More

Thanks, But No Thanks

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Mad Preacher

Thom Rainer recently cited his top 10 posts from 2015, and one of them was on things not to say to the preacher right after the sermon. Things Not to Say to the Preacher Right After the Sermon 1. “I am going to be late for lunch because you preached so long.” 2. “You must not have had much time … Read More

A Worldview Approach to Ethical Thinking

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Christians should not approach moral scenarios as biblical empiricists, searching to collect some statistically significant amount of data to tilt the scale. Rather, believers should approach ethical choices in the way the Bible itself addresses them—in context of the grand scheme God has revealed.