Our Vision

The church has been and continues to be the cornerstone of the African-American community, and preaching provides the foundation for the African American church. Unfortunately, scholars have limited access to the records of the Black pulpit, and many existing recordings of the great African American pulpit voices are not available to a wide audience. No such library exists.

To respond to this need, Clamp Divinity School of Anderson University is launching the Center for the Study of African American Preaching, which will provide a treasury of scholarly resources on the subject and will proceed with protecting this legacy by digitizing and making available the great African American pulpit voices of the past century.

The Center has three primary purposes:

To encourage scholarship in the study of the history and nature of African American preaching, including the development of dissertations and scholarly articles on the topic.

To develop a publicly-available resource library of digital recordings of well-known African American preachers, for use for both study and inspiration.

To endow scholarships and fellowship opportunities for African-American pastors and leaders seeking to enhance the scholarly knowledge and resources in African-American preaching.

Leroy Armstrong

Center Director

Leroy is a graduate of The University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1985) and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology (1993) with a dual concentration in Pastoral Leadership and Christian Education. Leroy is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in preaching at Anderson University Clamp Divinity School.

Leroy served as Senior Pastor of three churches: Greater Good Hope Baptist Church (KY), St. John Missionary Baptist Church (TX), and The House of Hope Church (TX). Additionally, he served as Teaching Pastor at First Baptist Church (TX), and as Executive Pastor of Concord Church(TX).

Leroy helped found the E. K. Bailey Preaching Conference and served thirteen years in leadership, including five years as the Director and eight years as Chief Consultant to the founder, the late Dr. E. K. Bailey. Leroy is currently Lead Servant of Proclaiming the Word Ministries. He founded PROCLAIM Preaching Coach, which offers nine training modules to strengthen preachers and teachers in pursuing a lifetime of excellence in proclaiming God’s Word. 

Leroy is the author of Disruption: Resetting Your Life’s Purpose. Leroy has written for Leadership Journal and is a contributing devotional writer for the African American Devotional Biblepublished by Zondervan. Leroy is a contributing author for Leading Your Church through Conflict & Reconciliation

Leroy Armstrong
“Preaching may be confrontational sometimes, certainly exhortatory, but it should have an added sense of the majesty of life, the glory of its possibilities, and the greatness and glory of God. It’s saying something, but it’s saying something in a glorious way.”
C.S. Lewis

~ Gardner C. Taylor

Make a Contribution

In order to make the vision for this Center a reality, we seek the support of key leaders who believe in the power and the future of the African American pulpit. Our goal is to raise $200,000 over the next five years, which will enable us to establish the Center, begin the acquisition of scholarly materials, begin digitizing materials for public access, and provide initial support for promising future scholars.

You can be part of this important effort. Your gift of $5,000 – either as a one-time gift or giving $1,000 each year for the next five years – will help us in establishing the Center and advancing its mission. And with your gift or commitment of $5,000, you will be designated a Fellow of the Center for the Study of African American Preaching, which will include special invitations to events sponsored by the Center and access to the study resources collected within the Center.

Even if you are unable to become a Fellow of the Center, your gift of any size will help to advance the mission of this important project.

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The center will return any non-digital media resources upon digitization.

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