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DMIN | Admission Requirements

Admission into Clamp Divinity School’s Doctor of Ministry program is based upon meeting academic, professional, and personal requirements. Applicants are required to provide the pertinent admission information in order to be considered for admission into the DMIN program. Final decisions regarding the acceptance of applicants are made by the DMIN Admission Committee. In some cases, the committee may ask for further information or a personal interview prior to a decision regarding admission into the program.

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Official sealed transcripts for all bachelor degrees and graduate degree(s). The applicant must hold the basic theological degree (Master of Divinity, Master of Ministry, or its equivalent) from an accredited seminary or graduate school of ministry. Students must have a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Applicants must also have 3 hours of preaching and/or communication at the graduate level.

3 Recommendation Letters

Download Here. One of the recommendation letters must be from the pastor/minister of the local church where the applicant is currently attending; if the applicant is the pastor, then the letter may come from another leader within the church.

A minimum three years of full-time experience in a ministry vocation.


A one page essay explaining the reason for your application and the potential impact of the DMIN degree on your ministry. The purpose of the essay is to establish the applicant’s motivation for pursuing the degree and the applicant’s professional goals.

Official sealed transcripts are to be directly mailed to
Admission Operations, 316 Boulevard Box 1127, Anderson, SC 29621

Even if you do not meet all the requirements, let us know. Maybe we can work something out so that you can get started.

We understand that sometimes your educational journey does not work out the way you had originally planned. Clamp Divinity School offers leveling courses for those who are unable to meet the admissions requirements.

Transfer Policy

The Doctor of Ministry program will accept up to six transfer hours from an accredited Doctor of Ministry program. Only transfer hours directly related to the field of preaching will be accepted. Additionally, the transfer hours can only substitute for up to two event seminars, with one 3-5 hour seminar considered the equivalent of one AU event seminar. Transfer hours cannot substitute for any of three residency seminars or project methodology workshop.

Transferring Credits

Students may transfer up to six semester hours (or nine semester hours for the Master of Ministry) from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning. Credit may be given for graduate level courses that are completed with a grade of B (3.0) or higher at an accredited college or university. Students will need to provide a syllabus and /or a course description of the course(s) for evaluation and an official transcript. Transferability of hours will be determined by the Dean of the program in consultation with the University Registrar. Graduate students in the College of Education who wish to transfer a course must complete and submit a “Request for Transfer of Graduate Course Credit” form, which is available from the Office of the Coordinator of Graduate Programs.

If you still have questions, we would be happy to help you in any way that we can. You can contact the office at 864.328.1809 or email

The D.Min Admission. Committee will make all decisions on acceptance of students, and may ask for additional information or, in some cases, for a personal interview prior to a decision.

Tuition and Cost

Tuition for the Doctor of Ministry program is approximately $14,200. This is paid on a course-by-course basis. Payment plans are available.

The Entire Degree is
Textbooks, lodging, food, travel, and graduation cost not included.

The D.Min. program requires all students to have and use a computer with internet access.

All fees are subject to change. Any subsequent changes will be announced separately. Application fee is waived for Anderson University graduates.

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