J.T. Turner

Dr. J.T. Turner

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office Number: Watkins 107

Address: 316 Boulevard #1066
Anderson, SC 29621


Dr. J. T. Turner is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Anderson University (SC) and its Clamp Divinity School. He holds four degrees in philosophy and theology, from Liberty University, Erskine College and Seminary, and the University of Edinburgh (his Ph.D.). Prior to coming to AU, Dr. Turner worked with Dr. Oliver Crisp as Postdoctoral Research Associate on the Analytic Theology Project at Fuller Seminary.

He specializes in analytic philosophy, particularly metaphysics, and its intersection with Christian systematic theology. In the academy, this research project is known as analytic theology.

Dr. Turner also has a lot of hobbies! He spends maybe too much time watching college football, watching ice hockey, playing golf, and playing Warhammer 40,000 (a table-top war game). He also played ice hockey, once upon a time, having played through his university years as part of the Liberty University men’s ice hockey team (’99 – ’02).

Finally, he’s happily married to Bethany Turner and has a west highland terrier named Professor Theophilus (“Theo” for short).

Why I teach at Anderson University

I teach philosophy at AU because I think there's a deep connection between the Christian life, Christian education, and philosophical reasoning. Of all the places that should teach philosophy and require it of its students, it's at a Christian university. I teach here because, in part, AU values that insight and actively seeks that it's accomplished.

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