Kegan Shaw

Dr. Kegan Shaw

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office: Honors Commons 

Email: KShaw

Address: 316 Boulevard, Anderson, SC 29621


Dr. Kegan Shaw is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Anderson University (SC) and its Clamp Divinity School. Dr. Shaw completed his PhD at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, under the direction of Prof. Duncan Pritchard, writing on issues in the philosophy of perceptual knowledge.
Dr. Shaw has authored numerous articles exploring topics in the philosophy of perception and religious epistemology. These articles have appeared in venues such as Faith and Philosophy, Religious Studies, Synthese, and American Philosophical Quarterly.
Dr. Shaw specializes in epistemology and the philosophy of religion. He is married to Amanda, and they have two little boys, Gideon and Leith.

Why I teach at AU

“I teach philosophy at AU because here I am able to inspire young Christian men and women to begin reflecting on life’s big questions, and to see the value in pursuing a life of intellectual activity and virtue. In a culture teeming with entertainment and distraction, we have largely abandoned the life of the mind, leaving it vulnerable to all manner of noxious influence from media and other sources. It’s especially important for Christians, I think, to cultivate an intellectual habit and to pursue intellectual integration. I believe that this can only serve to strengthen both our faith and our witness.” ~ Dr. Kegan Shaw