Insignificant Leaders?

Becky WalkerBecky Walker, Leadership

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God afore prepared that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10 ASV

I glorified thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which thou hast given me to do.
John 17:4 ASV

Insignificant–It’s a word that brings to mind so many feelings and images. Our culture—secular and Christian—cultivates this idea that women “have their place.” As women, we continue to feel out of place no matter where we may land. Many talented women are reduced to taking on lesser roles in the workplace and church because they are considered unequal and unworthy as leaders. In our society, women feel like they are in a losing battle. Whether they stay at home or enter the workplace, women are faced with intense criticism. College-age women tend to live in a confusing state where they desire to live up to their full potential but are hindered, by comparison, control, and discouragement. Women many times feel like they have to take on the identity of a man or be someone they are not in order to move forward in leadership. Unfortunately, what typically happens is women resign themselves to be invisible and insignificant. I have found myself placed in this situation and maybe you have, too.

What is it that drives the insignificant state of mind?

The culprit of insignificance is fear. The enemy uses fear to paralyze women and make them feel insignificant much like Satan did to Eve in the garden. As she desired to feel important and valued, Satan twisted God’s truth of inclusion and significance.  His lies drove her to feel insignificant and excluded.  Satan still uses the same tactics today to by controlling our minds and causing us to put up barriers up that prevent us from moving forward. This leads to feeling inferior, incapable, and insignificant. Daily fear spills out lies and prevents us from using the incredible gifts that God has given us, causing our skill set to go untapped.

How do we move past the fear?

God’s design is that we feel valuable and significant. Each person should understand how deeply loved and useful he or she is in Kingdom work. God wants women to be heard and valued. As women, we need to stop trying to rely on success, but rather trust in the call, talents, and gifts we each have been given. Network with other women to encourage you in with your personal struggles of fear.

How does knowing God’s design help?

This begins with each of us as we realize that God is interested the details.  Through the years you may have seen photographs of butterfly wings.  The picture may initially look random, but upon closer inspection, you realize the artist has created a picture within a picture. The master artist has created details in each wing of the butterfly that are interpreted into meaning and beauty. Each wing serves a purpose to the amazing masterpiece.  The butterfly only emerges as you seek to know the hidden truth about the picture.  You may have thought it was just the artist’s interesting perspective with insignificant strokes on a page.  Upon closer review,  you began to understand the design as a beautiful, functioning, successful, creative creature with details.  This understanding added value to the work and its very nature changes our whole view of the picture and its meaning. God does the same for you. He has created you to accomplish wonderful things. You have hidden talents and skills that have been buried beneath the fear that has paralyzed you. There comes a point where you need to embrace the strength and detail that God designed in your wings. Be willing to face your fears and fly.

Begin today to do something that you have always wanted to accomplish.  Imagine what can be done in your workplace or community, take a stand, apply for the job, and tap into your God-given abilities today. Make a decision to end discouragement, get out of bad relationships, and overcome your past. Now is the time to believe you are a person who can lead. You can accomplish the things God has for you to do. Today, I want to challenge you to end the cycle of fear and to rise up to a place of SIGNIFICANCE. Women are leaders that need a seat at the table.


I glorified thee on the earth, having accomplished the work which thou hast given me to do.

John 17:4 ASV