The Importance of Innovation

Sam TotmanChurch, Culture

Edison Bulb

The next time you sense a need for something new, before looking to other churches, perhaps look to your own, and become the lead innovator.

Speaking Words that Encourage

Tim McKnightTim McKnight


Our words are powerful tools to either encourage them in their faith or to point them away from Christ and discourage them in their faith. 

The Anxiety Behind the Humor

Sam TotmanSam Totman


How do you handle stress? We recently shot a quick Instagram post asking the question, “How do you handle stress?” For many people, stress is relatively manageable in several ways. For instance, Dr. Kris Barnett, my counterpart in the Instagram post, releases stress through exercise and taking it out on a punching bag at home. Exercise is one of the … Read More

The Fellowship of the King

Bryan CribbBryan Cribb

Fellowship of the King

Recently, I preached on the amazing “High Priestly” prayer of John 17. At the end of that urgently passionate prayer, in vv. 20-23, Jesus amazingly offers appeals not for Himself, but for the future fellowship and unity of His followers.  As I prepared for my sermon, my mind was naturally drawn to my favorite work of literature—J.R.R. Tolkien’s epoch epic … Read More

Agents of Reconciliation

Michael DuduitLeadership

(The following statement was shared by Dean Michael Duduit with undergraduate students in the College of Christian Studies during their recent meeting to begin the Spring semester.) In recent weeks, our nation has been torn by division and partisanship. In all too many people, passion has replaced reason and anger has pushed aside truth. Politics and religion have been intermingled, … Read More

Doing Our Sacred and Ordinary Part

Nicholas PhillipsDevotions

Concerning Christian behavior and choices, the question typically arises of “what would Jesus do?” or “What would Paul do?” This proves useful in matters of good and evil and other such moral choices. In those situations, any Christian should do as Jesus did! But when it comes to more unaddressed areas such as one’s career, automobile preference, travel plans, kid’s … Read More