Of Pastors and Presidents

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I’ve been watching the presidential candidate debates – I know, I really need a hobby – and it occurs to me that if churches called pastors the way parties nominate presidents . . .

  • We’d line up 7 or 8 prospective candidates and ask them inane questions that have little to do with the job
  • We’d expect them to take potshots at each other, but with a smile
  • They’d be raising money from church members so they could turn around and use it to tell people how frugal they would be in the job
  • We’d be polling the congregation 3 or 4 times every week to see which candidate was most popular
  • We’d finally elect a candidate, then spend the next four years complaining about him.


Oh, wait. That last one is what we do when we call a pastor!

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  1. Mike-long time no see. Anyway, a question about the National Preaching Conference. Which pastor has the smallest congregation? Less than 300? It’s always the big church pastors, isn’t it?
    Sally forth…

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