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Do you have a ministry position available?

If you would like to post your ministry position, you've come to the right place. Our students are serving in variety of ministries all around the world including roles such as the lead pastor, music ministry, youth ministry, children's ministry, college ministry, media ministry, digital communications and social media coordinators, associational roles, as well as a plethora of different mission fields. We are honored that you came here and for your consideration of our exceptional students and alumni. It's free to post your ministry position. All you have to do is sign up for a user account and fill out the form below. 

How long does the job listing stay live?

To keep these postings up-to-date, each post will stay live for 60 days. Should you need more time to promote your position, you may renew the listing. 

A Word on Compensation and Realistic Expectations

We understand the financial demands of ministry and the desire to reduce budgets. Offering fair and competitive pay that reflects the role's demands and expectations is not only good practice; it's biblical (1 Corinthians 9:8-12). When individuals feel that their contributions are fairly acknowledged, they are more likely to remain engaged, committed, and motivated. This, in turn, leads to enhanced job performance, reduced turnover, and a positive organizational culture. High-quality employees are in high demand. Therefore, it is wise to ensure their compensation aligns with realistic expectations. Pay should reflect the responsibilities of the hire.


Job Types

What type of position do you require? Each job type has its own characteristics and expectations. Using the categories below, determine which job type best fits your unique situation. Consider your resources and the demands of the position. 


Compensation depends on the complexity of the project or event. Example: Website Designer, Stage Designers, Performers, Event Coordinator, etc.



Temporary jobs are typically seasonal or project-based in nature. Time requirements fluctuate depending on the job. These are short-term contracts with no intention of advancement.



These positions allow students to gain valuable experience. This is a learning experience that requires a time commitment from the student and the supervisor. See  Guided Ministry Internship Requirements.


40 hours or less/wk

Part-time employment may include some benefits. Earnings are proportionate to hours worked. 


40 hours or more/wk

Full-time employment includes a comprehensive benefits package, including healthcare and retirement. 

Please note we list these positions publicly on our website, not just to our College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School students and alumni. While we believe in the potential of all of our students, it is the employer's responsibility to properly vet all of the applicants to ensure a good fit for your organization. Job seekers are equally responsible to assess potential employers and their organizations before accepting any role. Additionally, this board is for ministerial, parachurch, and nonprofit job listings only. We reserve the right to cancel any listing we deem does not meet the standards set by Anderson University or is in contrast to the biblical standards which we seek to uphold. If at any point during this process you become aware of information about active job listings or organizations that does not align with the values of Anderson University or Clamp Divinity School, please contact our office at 864.328.1809.