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The AU Ministry blog is maintained by the faculty and staff at the College of Christian Studies and Clamp Divinity School. It covers a wide range of subject areas including preaching, leadership, ministry, devotions, culture, evangelism and missions, as well as general news from our university. 

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Understanding the Call to Ministry

Feeling called into some type of ministry?

What did Moses, Gideon, and even Paul all have in common? They all had significant questions as God began to speak into their lives and call them into His Service. Moses questioned his ability to serve.  Gideon questioned the validity of the call and Paul questioned the preconceived notions of what was possible for God’s church. If you want to see God work in your life as He did in the lives of Moses, Gideon and Paul, then say with Isaiah, “Here am I, Lord, send me!”

What is a call to ministry? How do you know when you’ve been called? What first steps should you take? Called: Understanding the Call to Ministry is a valuable resource for anyone considering serving in ministry. In this brief book, the faculty of the College of Christian Studies at Anderson University will help you think through the concept of a call to ministry, and how to explore implications of that call in your life.

This book is free of charge to any individual or church. Churches may call our office to request multiple copies at 864.328.1809.  As you consider God’s calling on your life and ministry, take a look at what Anderson University has to offer. Our ministry students find an exceptional level of preparation, with a committed faculty who link classroom and real-life experience. Whether you are planting a church, leading a ministry, or going on for additional education, you’ll find AU offers a solid foundation and an outstanding opportunity for practical training. 

The Anderson Journal of Christian Studies

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The Guided Ministry Internship Program

The Guided Ministry Internship program at Anderson University is designed to help students apply classroom skills and insights in actual work environments under professional supervision. This program has several resources available to help students define their personal calling and their prospect of working in Christian ministry available here. If you are interested in becoming a field supervisor, you can contact the Faculty Supervisor, Dr. Jim Motes at 864.231.2054 or email at