Rob Bell pushed to the wall

Sam TotmanChurch, News, Theology

There’s been lots of discussion in the evangelical blogosphere relating to Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. Early promotion for the book gave the impression that Bell is a universalist, but his defenders insisted we should wait until the book comes out before passing judgement. Well, the book is now out, and it looks like the early critics were pretty accurate.

Still, Bell doesn’t like that term “universalist.” He wants to retain traditional Christian terminology while often radically redefining those terms. And as an adept communicator, he can usually get away with it — until someone holds his feet to the fire. That’s exactly what happened when MSNBC host and journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Bell, and refused to let him get off easy. It’s about as devastating an interview as you’ll ever see for an author. Here’s the link to the page on Denny Burk’s blog where you can watch the video for yourself: