A Gift to Be Shared

Michael DuduitDevotions, Michael Duduit

God’s love is the most amazing gift you will ever receive, could ever receive. And God’s love is a gift to be shared this Christmas season.

God Always Gives Us More Than We Can Handle

Channing CrislerChanning Crisler, Exegesis, General

Perhaps the single most disgusting cliché in Christianity today is “God never gives you more than you can handle.”  I have heard it on the lips of well-meaning pastors and weeping widows.  I am sure that, somewhere along the way, I even used it at time or two (God forgive me).  The origin of this pernicious lie is undoubtedly the … Read More

All I Want for Christmas is to Know “Where is God?”

Channing CrislerChanning Crisler, General

“Where is God?  Where is He?”  That is the question Elie Wiesel heard behind him as he witnessed Nazi soldiers hang two adults and a young boy.  The boy was so small that it took more than half an hour for him to finally die.  Wiesel writes: christmas The two adults were no longer alive.  Their tongues hung swollen, blue-tinged.  … Read More

If God is So Good, Why Does He Allow Evil?

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Theology

The question haunts human minds: “If God is so good, why does He allow evil?” In view of the extreme injustice that occurs in the world, many view this difficulty as the most substantial challenge to Christianity, and some take it as evidence that God does not exist. If God is all-good, then certainly He desires to eliminate evil; and if … Read More