What I Have Learned Since I Stopped Being a Pastor

Chuck FullerChuck Fuller, Church, General, Leadership

I enjoyed being a pastor. I counted it a privilege of the highest honor to shepherd the flock of God. I loved the congregation with blood, sweat, and tears. I felt–and treasured–the eternal weight of the pastoral task. Each morning I awoke to an inaudible but ever clear trumpet call as I reengaged the battle for souls. Nothing matches the … Read More

Pastor – Love Your Family!

Sam TotmanLeadership, Ministry Tools

My friend Jerry Drace recently wrote this for Baptist Press. It is an important reminder to all of us who serve in church leadership: A young lady approached me with a solemn, somber expression in her brown eyes, trying to hold back the tears, as I left the church auditorium’s platform after extending the invitation. “I have a personal request,” … Read More