Sermons for the Mayor

Michael DuduitCulture, Michael Duduit

Last week there was a flurry of interest in sermons preached in Houston, Texas. As you likely read in various news reports, the mayor and city attorney were unhappy with public opposition to Houston’s recent “bathroom bill” which allows people to enter any public bathroom associated with their self-identified gender. So if a man feels he is a woman, he … Read More

Why Do We Preach?

Michael DuduitMichael Duduit, Preaching

Why did God consider preaching to be something of such urgency that He places a divine calling upon selected messengers to proclaim His Word? What is the purpose of this task we call preaching? Why do we preach? If you were to look at the average sermon, you might easily assume that the purpose of preaching is to teach people … Read More

Plagiarism in the Pulpit

Kris BarnettKristopher Barnett, Preaching

After the service, my wife said, “I thought the sermon was good, but how did you know what he was going to say?” “I thought it was good too when I listened to the podcast last week,” I replied.