Women, Self-Worth, and Jesus

Becky WalkerBecky Walker, Womens Ministry


There are many controversies and issues we face as women in today’s world. We live in a time of great debates, loud voices, fighting for rights. Women are too often devalued, our dreams deferred, and undermined, with no regard for our opinions. Women are often used and abused. The question is: are these the things that determine our self-worth? Or are these deceivers of true worth?

What determines your worth?

Despite views and opinions concerning women’s issues, Jesus loves us and we are his! He did divine work by showing me that I am valuable, loved, and worthy. This truly shows that the craziness we see happening in the world is futile noise. The news does not define us. What people say about us does not define us.

Two thousand years ago women were lifted to their highest when they were honored by the value we received by seeing ourselves through the eyes of Jesus. Jesus relabeled the woman at the well as worthy. A prostitute thrown at the feet of Jesus was abandoned by her accusers BUT completely forgiven and rescued by Jesus who stood up for her. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and was judged by everyone in the room. Jesus acknowledged that her choice to learn and listen brought her value and dignity. Women were the first ones to see Jesus in the garden after his resurrection. Lydia established the first church in Europe.

I personally find it amazing that I can literally just sit in a chair and do nothing and I am still loved, cherished, and valued by God. I am a woman and I am His and he is mine. He gives me honor, wisdom, strength, equality. He provides me with gifts, a gentle spirit, beauty, and so much value!

Do not become disenchanted with the treatment of women you see in the world, although it can be discouraging and difficult to watch. Instead, remember the value Christ gives you. We are treasured and honored. Through HIS eyes, we are a blessing to others and deemed worthy by the King!

When you wonder why women in our world are struggling, remember: Jesus respects us, he radically raised us to the highest position, our place for eternity, a place where we will sit at the feet of the king. Loved, fearless, and free!